How To Measure Your Door
There are 2 ways to measure for your door.
The third is for prehung door units.

- Exact Door Size::

If your door opening is square and you are certain of the exact size of the door you need to accommodate your opening, you can simply supply us with the height and width measurements of the door size you want below. Keep in mind that your doors will be exactly to this size with no subtractions from the height or width.

- Finished Opening size:

If you have an older home in which the threshold or door opening may be out of square, you need to take the measurement of the finished opening. From the exact position where the door will be hung within the jamb take the following 4 measurements shown by the chart below. Your door will be made approximately 3/16" smaller on the width then ¼" smaller on the height of these measurements which will minimize the amount of trimming (if any) you or your builder will have to perform during installation.

Your Door Opening:

There are four simple measurements to be taken:
To determine the size of your door you will need to measure the opening into which the door will go from wood frame to wood frame by taking four simple measurements illustrated in the Door Chart.

A - B ?
C - D ?
E - F ?
G - H ?

- Rough Opening Size:

For pre-hung doors and entire entrance units requiring a jambs or frames, we need the measurements of your rough opening. Rough opening measurements are taken from the inside of the framing lumber, both horizontally and vertically. It is easiest to do this when there is no door installed. If a pre-hung door or entrance unit occupies the current rough opening and is being replaced, the rough opening measurement can also be taken by removing any necessary moldings which may be preventing one from seeing the actual lumber frame surrounding the door. You can fill in your rough opening size in the blanks below.

- How to Measure for Your Arch or Round Top Door:

Measuring for arch and round top doors is more involved than with standard squared doors.

1. First take your standard width measurement.
2. Then you must measure your height from the bottom up to the beginning of the arch (Height A).
3. Then measure the height from the bottom to the peak of the arch in the very middle (Height B).
4. Radius: For true round top doors the radius is half the door width, for Arch top doors the radius will be larger. If you know the radius you can just send us the measurement.

If uncertain you will need to make an exact pattern.
Use cardboard or poster board to trace simple but precise pattern of the arched or round top opening. Trace arch at the location on your existing jamb where arched top of screen door occupies when in the closed position.

The pattern will need to be mailed to us.
This will insure that you door will fit precisely into your existing opening.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to work with you on any of these details.

Note: **Unlike standard square top doors, arch or round top doors must have either permanent glass.

- How to Measure for Your Pre-Hung Door:

A – Overall dimension from brick to brick.
B – Door width dimension.
C – Exact height of inside dimension from the sill to brick.